Best of the Bunch

On Friday evening I was in Boston to attend the wedding of one of my favorite people of all time. No, it wasn’t Fonzie. Or Greg Brady. Or Kyria. It was my friend KJK, Esquire, with whom I used to “work” but who abandoned me a few months before the turn of the century to return to his hometown.
The highlight of the event was not just having the groom kiss me on the lips as he made his mayor-like way down the aisle to await his bride, or watching the lightning light up the sky through the huge plate glass windows of the Harvard Club, or scooping garlic mashed potatoes off the plate of someone who deserted my table to sit elsewhere and promptly depositing the lush spuds onto my own plate, or the free Werther’s butterscotch candies in the ladies room. No, the highlight of the event was discovering, during the cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony, that the grapes that looked oh so plump and alluring and juicy as they lay on a silver salver, were, lo and behold, oh my god, plastic.
I discovered this when I went to pull one from the (Brady) bunch. It was oh so firm and perfectly light green. Oh so inviting. Oh so seasonal.
And oh so delicious.
P.S. Here was the wedding dinner:

Everyone else’s food (left), my vegetarian plate (right)