Tara Goodman’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Book

Date:  Wednesday, March 12, 1975
How Many and What Kind:  3 Chip Ahoys
Drink:  Big cup of milk with lots of Bosco
When:  Right after school, maybe 3:30?
Approved?:  No!
Other:  Mom was at Carol’s house getting recipes. Brian was at swim practice. I was alone with the cookies. The bag was open and maybe 6 were gone. I wanted more than 3 but didn’t wanna risk it. Binx begged for one but I didn’t give him one. (Choc. is bad for dogs.)
Result:  Felt pretty good about it, not too stuffed for dinner!

*    *    *
Date:  Thursday, March 13, 1975
How Many and What Kind:  5 Chip Ahoys
Drink:  Bosco from the bottle!
When:  Late (midnight?)
Approved?:  Nooo!
Other:  Waited until Brian and Mom were snoring (YES, YOU BOTH SNORE!!), then went to the kitchen. The cookie bag was crumpled closed so I had to be extra careful not to make noise. Fridge door sticks and makes a WHOOSH sound, so I skipped milk. Bosco’s better by itself anyway. Ate 2 cookies in the kitchen and took the other 3 to my room.
Result:  Felt like a secret agent!

*    *    *
Date:  Friday, March 14, 1975
How Many and What Kind:  Just 1 Chip Ahoy chocolate chip! No cookies!!
Drink:  Tab with 4 ice cubes
When:  5:00
Approved?:  I don’t approve at all!
Other:  I stayed after school to make up a quiz. When I got home THE COOKIE BAG WAS MISSING. I found it in the trash but nothing was in it except for 1 chocolate chip. I ate it. Brian came into the kitchen and said he had 8 cookies because he got an A on his math test.
Result:  I was GYPPED!

*    *    *
Date:  Saturday, March 15, 1975
How Many and What Kind:  12 Chip Ahoys!!! (Mom went food shopping today!)
Drink:  Chocolate milkshake made by Cathy the BEST BABYSITTER IN THE WORLD!!!
When:  10:00
Approved?:  Cathy said it was OK!
Other:  Mom went on a date and Cathy babysat even though I’m too old for that. I’m the ONLY 11-year-old in the WORLD who still has a babysitter!!! But Cathy’s cool and let me have as many cookies as I wanted and makes milkshakes with a whole container of ice cream.
Result:  I love Cathy almost as much as cookies!