Yes, I am alive …

und kickin’!
Just not here in BLORGLAND. Just not feelin’ it. Ya dig?
Sure, I’ve been having photoworthy lunches. Sure, I’ve been having writeworthy experiences. Sure, I’ve been encountering oh so many hateworthy things and people and whatnot and whozit. But have I felt like sharing any of it? Well, that’d be a great big Nooooope. (Oh, and that’s pronounced with a long “o”. It doesn’t rhyme with “goop”.)
As always, I’ve been meeting some really cool dogs, and those I’m always wanting to share. I don’t take photos of every dog I meet (not because they’re not all beautiful — because they are … every dog is beautiful … from the mangiest mutt to the polishedest purebreed &#151 but because sometimes the meeting is so brief and there’s just not time); check out those I do, in my Dogabout gallery, if you want to see what really makes my tail wag. Here’s just a preview:

I’m going to a big shindig in Pennsylvania this weekend, so maybe something hilarious, earth-shattering, or life-changing will happen there that I’ll feel compelled to share with you upon my return. Who knows. I’m whimsical like that.
Have a wagworthy weekend, all.