Movie Scar

In the summer of 1990, a few months after the release of Pretty Woman, two people on two separate occasions told Jenna she looked like Julia Roberts. The first time, she was wearing a brown sundress with white polka-dots, similar to the one Julia’s character wore in the horse-racing scene. A woman at the mall said, “Didn’t Julia Roberts wear a dress just like that in that movie with Richard Gere?” The second time, a new temp in the office told Jenna that when she saw her in the coffee room, with her head turned just like that, smiling all big ‘n’ stuff, she reminded her of Julia Roberts.
She never really thought she looked like a celebrity. In fact, when her friends would play the game, “Who Would Play You In the Movie of Your Life, And No, You Cannot Star As Yourself”, she never once picked Julia Roberts. She couldn’t come up with anyone, and neither could her friends. One of them once suggested Crystal Bernard — “You know, the one who played the cousin or the niece on Happy Days.” “Maybe a little bit, because of the hair?” Jenna thought. But no. Not really. “I look like ME,” she would say, and her friends would roll their eyes and then insist that one of them looked like Tatum O’Neal and that another had eyes just like Madonna.
But as soon as those two strangers told her she looked like Julia Roberts, everything changed. She watched Pretty Woman at least a dozen more times, and was almost positive she got the laugh down perfectly. She took to puffing her lips out a little, in a pout, when she was at Dunkin’ Donuts and gazing off into the distance. When men tried to kiss her good night after dates, she would whisper, “No kissing.”
The next year, when The Pelican Brief was released, no one told her she looked like Julia Roberts. Five years later, when Mary Reilly came out, and still no one said anything about her resemblance to Julia Roberts, she was kind of relieved because “she didn’t look good in that movie anyway”. In 2000, she unbuttoned her shirt scandalously low so people could see her bra, yet no one told her she looked like Julia in Erin Brokovich.
So now it’s 2005, and although the brown polka-dot dress from 1990 is so worn that some of the dots have completely unraveled and others are threadbare, sometimes you can still see her wearing it at the mall, pouting and laughing and hoping.