Little happinesseseseses

This morning you lounged in bed, absent-mindedly toying with the frayed elastic waistband of those ratty pajama bottoms that are just toooo comfortable to toss, all happy because you realized it’s Labor Day and you didn’t have to be laboring, and your thoughts turned to me. At first the thoughts were tinged with salaciousness, because, after all, you were in bed, where it’s safe to have such thoughts. You entertained those thoughts for a moment or two, but before you could undo the tattered drawstring barring your hands from the hinterlands, your brain took a detour and you found yourself wondering, “What makes you happy, Jodi? Not the Big Stuff, like dogs, iced coffee, Marty Casey, Pilates, and chana saag. How about two li’l things that put even more pep in your step?”
Well, wonder no more. There’s this cartoon, which just makes me want to cheer, and this song. If you can listen to the song without springing out of your seat to tap dance, or at least tap your foot while remaining seated, or if you can listen to it without wanting to slip into a red and white vertical-striped vest and take ukelele lessons (ukelelessons), well, there’s something very very wrong with you.
(Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, I know both parts of the song, and yes, can sing them simultaneously. Yes.)