The eat is on!


I dig the new approach offered by this restaurant.
Rather than the usual vague indication or suggestion,
it presents potential participants with a challenge.

With few exceptions, I am wary of buffets and the people who indulge in them. I do not like food sitting out in the open, attended largely by hoggish hordes with heaping plates and girths to match, and not patroled, monitored, and/or overseen by restaurant personnel to ensure hygiene. One exception is the Indian lunch buffet, as I’ve documented here in the past as part of my and Kyria’s PaneerQuest. But for the most part, buffets are Satan’s playground — and Satan likes to pick red-hot goodies from his flaring nostrils with his filthy hooves and mix the bounty into the chafing dishes so that the experience that many regard as heaven on earth becomes, instead, an infected living hell. Only they don’t know it because Satan disguises himself as a poorly dressed nondescript Midwestern tourist (redundant, you say?) (yes, I say) with an innocuous happy-go-lucky attitude.
Eating all you can is only cute if it is limited to the occasional buffet and is not part of a regular, unregulated routine. It is only cute if, in ordinary situations, you do not eat all you can and the condition of your body reflects your restraint and limitation. It is not cute when “belly up to the buffet” is literal.
P.S.  It is very fortunate that someone crossed out “95” on the sign. Otherwise, I would have had to remark that $895.95 is not such a bargain, even if people are invited to eat as much as they can.