Stop rockin’ the vote!

All right. People. Come on. I officially closed the lunch poll nine days ago. I cannot turn off the voting mechanism (the poll is a free service, so I really cannot complain) (even though I want to), so you must make do with my say-so and honor the official closing by NOT VOTING ANYMORE in the lunch poll. In other words: (1) Do not vote in the lunch poll anymore; (2) In the lunch poll, do not vote anymore; and (3) Anymore poll vote in, do not lunch the.
Whoever’s doing it, though — one rebel? or several acting in conspiratorial consort? — must be commended (but without a smile, so as not to indicate condonement) for maintaining the percentage of incorrect votes at 61%. Pretty impressive skill, I must say, for people who do not know how to read!!!
UPDATE (3:41 p.m.):  One of my most dedicated readers came up with a solution to permanently end the voting, and I have changed the code in the lunch poll post accordingly. Thus, it is now impossible for anyone to vote further in the lunch poll. Of course, someone had to go and be adorable and put in one more vote before I implemented this change, so it now appears as if 62% of the respondents voted incorrectly. I suppose that rogue voter is not only rather illiterate but also staggeringly stupid, given that he voted incorrectly. Unless, of course, he was trying to be cute. In which case, he failed miserably. Sorry, but that kind of cuteness doesn’t cut it with me. 🙂