Faith and Mope

Hello. You’re still here. You’re still visiting, despite my lack of anything even remotely amusing or valuable or insightful to say. You’re still hanging around, even though I’ve given you no reason to do so. I admire your faith, your perseverence (yes, it’s spelled correctly even though it looks wrong), and your devotion. If I were you, I’d be cursing me left, right, up, down, sideways, and with a cherry on top for not being here for a while to entertain you with my unique brand of hilarity and insight.
Wackiness still ensues here behind the scenes, and I am in all sorts of limbo, the details of which I will not “share” because I do not like sharing personal information. I also do not like sharing my french fries, which is a vital piece of information you may wish to retain in the event that you find yourself near me when I am in possession of french fries. Even having divulged that tiny piece of information is way too personal. I feel I have said too much.
I am still unable to take photos of my lunches or anything else (a/k/a dogs) with any device other than my camera phone and the special brain phone that is still in beta testing (we still have to figure out a way to upload/download/whatever the images onto the computadora), so I’m afraid I don’t even have those things with which to delight you.
I apologize. Profusely. From the bottom of this big block of tofu I call a heart. And I promise that when I am not in limbo anymore, I will be back in full force and effect and taking photos of every lunch and dog within a 500-mile radius.
More soon.* Promise.
* Up for interpretation
CONFIDENTIAL TO PETE H. OF THE GREATEST OF BRITAINS: Yes, I am only posting on Tuesdays from now on. Yes.
Update, 6:29 p.m.:  I misspelled “perseverance”. If I weren’t so humble, I’d be mortified! Thank you, and good day.