Well, well, well. Look who decided to drag herself home to her site. If it isn’t little Miss Terious (yes, so now you know my last name! Google me! Switchboard.com me!), back from the land of the semi-catatonic! Neato! And where have you been, Miss? Don’t you know it’s way past your curfew? What have you been doing?
I don’t have to tell you. You’re not my dad! Didn’t I move out of my parents’s house in 1867*, load my rolltop desk and petticoats onto a stagecoach, and set out for fresher, newer pioneer horizons so I wouldn’t have to answer questions like this? Yes. I certainly never gave either my own dad or my dream dad, Michael Landon d/b/a “Pa”, a straight answer, and I’m not going to start now. (By the way, I was really conflicted as a “tween”. Although I wanted Michael Landon to be my dad, I also wanted to kiss him in ways that were entirely inappropriate. I couldn’t decide whether, if presented with the choice, I would choose to have him as a dad or a boyfriend. I’m still conflicted, many years after Michael Landon’s death.)
All I’ll tell you right now is that I am in the middle of a move, and most of my stuff is in storage, including the battery charger for my digital camera, which I did not have the foresight to set aside when the movers were packing my stuff. So now if I want to post photos to this fabulously neglected website, I can only do so using my marvelous new pinhole camera camera-phone (Motorola V325, in case you want to be my twin!). In order to maintain at least the illusion that things around here are normal, I will now share with you two photos:

Lunch and a dog! Absolute PROOF that I am still the same girl you knew before I disappeared. The lunch, vegetable gomaae, is from Mana. You can see a better photo of a previous dish of it here. I suppose that even its full-color representation doesn’t do much to persuade anyone other than the most diehard vegetarian that the dish is delish. The puppy, a four-month-old male Shiba Inu named Hiro, was on the “1” train yesterday morning. You can see a better photo of a different Shiba puppy here. Puppies, of course, are scrumptious no matter what the quality of the photo.
In my camera-phone’s defense, neither Mana nor the MTA were generous enough to provide me with adequate professional lighting for my subjects. I’m sure, given more suitable conditions, the Motorola V325 could take on even the most ambitious digital camera out there.

* I never cease to amaze me. I pulled this number out of thin air/my (thin) ass, just ’cause I liked the way it sounded, and then, when doing research on this here internet, to find out when Laura Ingalls Wilder was born, learned that she was born in … 1867! It really is eerie. Also eerie is that immediately upon learning that, I went blind, like Laura’s older sister, Mary!