I am OK!

Hello, everyone!
I am still here. I am okay. I am okay insofar as regular life stuff in general goes and today’s aircraft crash on the Upper East Side in particular. I moved, as some of you may know, but am still happily nestled on the Upper West Side.
So don’t worry. All is well. All is A-OK and I am in tip-top form!
I will also be posting on a more regular basis, just like old times. Or at least sorta like old times. And including fabulous fotos of food, just like many of you used to love. And, yes, dogs.
My hard drive crashed toward the end of August, and I lost many photos of food and dogs that I had meant to post, so that is very sad. (It will cost me anywhere from $500 to $2500 to recover data from the old hard drive, if indeed anything can be salvaged.) But since that crash, I have eaten quite a bit of food and met quite a few dogs, so I will have plenty to show you. Thankfully, not plenty of myself to show (if indeed I were wont to show myself, which, of course, I am not) thanks to my dedication to the gym.
So … Thank you all for your concern. Stay tuned, and stay in school.

I have opened comments here, just for the heck/hell/hoohah of it. Please feel free to say something, if you are so inclined!