That time of year

Yes, guys and dolls, it’s that time of year again. Pumpkinhead Jodi has replaced Classic Jodi, as a nod to my favorite season, which just so happens to contain everybody’s favorite holiday: my birthday.
“When is your birthday, Jodi?”
Why, today! It just so happens to be today!
“Oh, LOL! You are such a scamp! Will you be opening comments so we can wish you a happy birthday, just like we did for your mamacita six days ago?”
But of course! You think I’d let my mom get all the attention? Never! Move over, Mother, there’s a new birthday girl in town!
Feel free to gush.
P.S. You can still leave comments for my mom, too, if that tickles your fancy or floats your boat or otherwise makes you happy. I know it would make me happy and my mom happy, so … hop to it! And thank you so much to those of you who have already left comments. (I have not told her about this yet, but will do so when the post moves off the page, at which time comments will be closed.)
P.P.S. A real post is coming — perhaps as early as this afternoon! Don’t worry your pretty little heads, pumpkin- or otherwise.