Baby’s Back!

OK, so I ain’t got “back”, but I am, indeed, back. Back in the saddle! Back in the swing! Back in the black! Not that I ever left the saddle, swing, or black, of course. At least not in spirit, that is.
The gist is that I’m back. All 113 pounds (or 51.3636363636 kilograms or 8.07 stone) of Jew is back in Manhattan — and better ‘n ever! Lovin’ this city so much that yesterday, during a jaunt to Midtown West to buy a new blow dryer (Arkansas broke mine!), I didn’t even raise a disgusted eyebrow at the throngs of post-Christmas tourists clogging Eighth Avenue.
I could have done without the ancient cigarette-littering bigot ranting outside the laundromat about “the Chinese” this morning when it was late in opening, though.