Silent No More

Please help me out with a matter of most pressing importance. Take a look at these three images:

(left to right) Selma Blair, Franz Kafka, Jesus Christ
And then answer this poll:

Please try your best not to be swayed by variables that have nothing to do with cuteness, such as quality of the photograph. Remember, technology wasn’t quite as advanced in Franz’s day, so he had to stand pretty damned still for quite a long time while getting his photo taken — not an easy task for anyone, let alone a little fella! Also, don’t let the appearance of multiple sheep around Jesus, or the fact that his birthday is in a few days, influence you, either. (Frankly, I think it’s overkill, but what do I know?) And no comment on Selma’s larger than usual chest region and the fact that her shirt is the same color as Jesus’ sash. If you ask me, I think little Franz’s black and whiteness puts him at a disadvantage, so in order to even things up, just picture him in red pants.
And now … vote! Fairly.