If you were here anytime in the last 20-something hours, you may have noticed an entry that seemed like it was not quite ready for public consumption. That’s because it wasn’t. That’s because I am not yet used to the latest version of Movable Type, which automatically, by default, publishes an entry when you save it. See, I’m used to an ancient version of Movable Type, which didn’t send my posts out for immediate viewing by the sometimes cruel, heartless public. I’d been using it since 1923, until my amazing friend Grettir upgraded it for me and also introduced me to such other modern conveniences as the walkie-talkie and horseless carriage.
So, if you saw a post then and it seemed like it was caught with its pants down, exposing something less than spectacular, or, in the cleaner, more child-friendly alternative, just didn’t have its “face” on, and was just not up to the usual extra-high quality you’re accustomed to, I apologize for the confusion and blame it all on Movable Type. Because that’s the kind of girl I am — always trying to foist my foibles off on someone or something else.
Stay tuned for the same post, jazzed and prettied up, sometime soon. And other posts, which will probably include long-awaited photos of food.