The following three lines must be forbidden from ever passing anyone’s lips — posthaste, pronto, and immediately, if not sooner:

  1. “Like white on rice”
  2. “Don’t give up your day job”
  3. “If I were a [glockenspiel/potsticker/Jodi’s cell phone, which has been MIA for several days/whatever], where would I be?”

If you know what’s good for you (other than folic acid, flossing, and iced coffee), you will not only comply but vehemently encourage their demise as well.
I thank you.

0 thoughts on “Wordsworthless

  1. I mostly see photos of dogs, which seems pointless to me, since MY dogs are the most beautiful puppies in the world, oh yes they are, oh yes they ARE!

  2. My picture on flickr? A single bead of semen on my knee. The title, “When I was young, I imagined giving my kids horsie rides on my knee. It’s not quite the same as I imagined it…”

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