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  1. Kate! Note that I used to prefer Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke (excuse my omission of the registered trademark symbols). That was back when I was clearly IGNORANT a/k/a a VERY STUPID GIRL in my early 20s. (I can’t even begin to convey the enormity of my stupidity back then.)
    How I feel about cows? I love ’em, of course! You know I love all animals — except for the people kind.

  2. For the record, I take my caffeine cold, sugared, and out of a red can and/or bottle onle. And given my druthers, it would be out of a 1950’s glass 8 ounce bottle with two straws and a toight (yes, I meant toight) little bobby-soxer named Brenda-Sue down at the local malt and soda shoppe.
    HOWEVER… since Kate in her divine wisdom has graced us with digressionary vision, I’d also like to say that I like Bovine Brew, aka, MILK.
    Not just because it comes from one of the greatest attributes to grace a female body (namely the breasticles, the mammaries, the winnebagos, the tatas, the hooters, the fun bags, the titties, the kunzungas, the orbs of heavenly pleasure, the headlights…. i could go on, but i’m arousing myself so i’d better stop for the sake of decorum)… No, I like Milk because it’s wholesome. It’s tasty. It does a body good. I also like that it comes in many racially acceptable colors…. white… brown… pink (with strawberry syrup)… the list goes on…
    So put down your Diet Cokes, your Moxi’s and your TaB’s!!! Grab an udder, or if you are so blessed, a teat, and help yourself to a heaping helping of nature’s remedy for everything that ails you… MILK.

  3. hmm, since I was in fact a BOY at the time TaB was out in all of its glory (yes, I know it’s making a comeback, TaB energy drink? Wha?), I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking diet soda. I drank Mountain Dew literally by the twelve-pack. I kept a twelve in my locker, and it didn’t even have to be cold. It actually tastes even syrupier when it’s warm. Burning calories wasn’t an issue.
    I should mention that whenever I hear of TaB, (I’m sure the capitalization police will swoop in if I mess that up), I think of Marty McFly, transported to the days before TaB, or diet soda of any kind trying to order something that no teenage boy would ever order from a soda jerk. Sure, it made for cute dialog:
    “Give me a TaB.”
    “I can’t give you a tab until you order something.”
    “Ok, just make it a Pepsi Free.”
    “You aren’t getting anything free in here, buster!”
    Ok, so it might not be a perfect transcript, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. But there is no way a 16 year old MJF wearing Calvin Klein underwear is ordering that stuff. I mean, he rides a skateboard for god’s sake, he would be chugging Jolt if it had been invented. And it would explain the shaking.
    Ok, there’s one of those comments that I make once in a while that probably will just lay there like a turd, and I’ll wish I hadn’t said it, but I did. So go ahead and tell me what an insensitive douche I am. I have a poor sense of witty sometimes.

  4. Tab has always sucked! So has diet Pepsi, sorry to say. Diet Coke is only tolerable because it has caffeine. Coke Zero is the real deal. I don’t know if it’s the aspartame or the artifical caramel color, but it’s the real deal.
    Do YOU remember Moxie? That’s the real question.
    You’re a Scorpio aren’t you? You have that aura about you. It could be good. It could be bad.
    Go do that voodoo

  5. Tab rocked back in the mid-eighties. I met a girl, Tabatha, and that all changed. For a while, I loved both Tab and Tabatha-an energetic threesome if you will. Then, Tabatha went away. My heart sank to Coke. Soon, Diet Coke bellied up to the bar. I was only 9 years old and couldn’t go into the bar, but Diet Coke eventually came to me. Since there wasn’t a girl named Diet Coketha, I just knew it was a match made in heaven. We’re still together and DC’s the only pop for me.

  6. Ah TaB…….. Makes me think of Back to the Future(which by the way is one of my favorite trilogies ever)(But that is another comment for another post).I have to say that the ol’ Diet Pepsi gets my vote every time. OK well maybe not every time, because Patrick loves Diet Coke. So I guess I am bi. 🙂

  7. I grew up on TaB. My mother – honest to god – used to back up the car to the distributer’s and they would load it with CASES of the stuff (wooden cases holding glass bottles of course) every couple weeks. I think that started shortly after she stopped drinking coffee. 🙂
    I can still remember the way it tasted. Blech.

  8. I had a TaB phase at 16, during which a doting friend would have one waiting for me when I arrived at her house each evening. (She drank Pepsi.) However, even with no basis for comparison diet beverage-wise, I don’t know how I did “stomach” TaB. After I tasted Diet Coke, there was no going back. Now I don’t like either.

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