0 thoughts on “The countdown begins!

  1. Rik Otcasek rocks. I mean, any freakishly tall, gangly-limbed dude who can not only front a mediocre video band from MTV’s heyday and turn that into a Vice Presidency of a major record label AND ‘shake it up’ with Paulina Porizskova and keep her shaking long after both of their limelights have faded gets my vote for aging rock star godhood.
    Let the good times roll….

  2. I think you are MY doppelganger. Not just because we’re identical twins (except for the fact that you’re more petite and have better taste in footware than I) but because we both seem to have identical pubic transportation experiences at exactly the same time (albiet in different time zones.) And conking experiences with Voodoo women, too!

  3. You just want to see a set of young, studly twins “imploding” each other, desperately vying for your attentions as much as they’re deperately trying not to enjoy the sensations as much as they are.

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