Worm eye?

Okay, so where’m I? I’m not home, that’s for goll-dang sure. I’m not anywhere in Manhattan or the tri-state area (which I think for New York includes Connecticut and New Jersey) (my “tri-state area” reference is still set by default on “Pennsylvania”, even though I have not lived there for more than seven years). All I know is that I am not in a state that rhymes with Stew Pork, and I am not quite sure there are any Jews or scrambled tofu within a 200-mile radius.
Your challenge: Tell me where I am. (And if you already know, pretend you don’t, and tell me where you wish I were.)
And … go!

0 thoughts on “Worm eye?

  1. I wore a rubber band to keep myself from eating sweets. You don’t even want to know what mine said when it broke free. (it did include the words “fatty fatty – 2 by 4…” and was extremely hurtful *sigh*) So I could see where this was going. It was bound to happen. Rubber bands canNOT be trusted under all that pressure. I hope our bands are together somewhere, in a pile of pigeon poop. Heh.

  2. I went to anger management class. Now I have much more effective and precise use of anger.
    The quickest way to a man’s heart is through the left side of the back. between the second and third rib.

  3. Well, Sally, that’s certainly a lot easier than trying to do it without holes. And not nearly as messy, either. Well, usually.

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