Also the return of …

… dogs!

Riley, Wheaten Terrier, 4 months old
Taken 22 September 2006

Just like I have no excuse for a stunning lack of food photos last year, I have no excuse for an alarming dearth of dog snaps. I’m actually more appalled at myself for the latter, because if there’s one thing I love more than chow, it’s hounds.
I would like to say I am getting “back to basics”, but for some reason that makes me think of the food pyramid, with faded four-color illustrations of sheafs of wheat, a bowl of eggs, a bottle of milk, and a cut of raw meat, which I find rather unappealing. So instead I’ll just say that in 2008, you can expect a resurgence of yum and woof.
Stay tuned.

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  1. Well, you lost Mrs. Z halfway through the first paragraph with your boring mathematical babble. And while you are clearly a big giant dork, Jodi is lucky to have a beau who cares enough to guest blog. But if this was Jodi’s only present, you’re screwed.

  2. Oops, I did this without the benefit of the big JPEG giving your current age. Makes it a little too easy, don’tcha think? Anyway:
    p1 * s1 = 11 * 4 = 44 = Age this year
    p2 + s2 = 29 + 16 = 45 = Age next year
    p3 * s3 = 5 * 9 = 45 = Age next year
    p4 + s4 = 41 + 4 = 45 = Age next year
    p5 + s5 = 19 + 25 = 44 = Age this year
    And of course the next 5 times the product will happen:
    48 (16 * 3),
    49 (technically: 1 * 49)
    50 (25 * 2),
    52 (4 * 13)
    63 (9 * 7)
    Interesting that last bit … four out of five, and then a big gap. Prime numbers are fascinating.
    You guys are such geeks!

  3. My brain hurts, but like the birthday girl, I loooooove pain.
    Token, prepare yourself for pain while vainly attempting to inflict it 44 times on Jodi’s rock hard birthday booty. You might just break your hand in your conquest for a whimper.

  4. Why start the squares at 2? One (also a number) squared is 1. In fact, zero squared is zero. What about i-squared, which is -1? And radical 2 squared is 2. And so on. All of these are numbers. Now, if you narrow it to positive integers, you still have to include 1 in the list of squares. Ok, I know, you meant positive integers greater than 1.
    I myself am at an age that is the sum of a prime and a square (p1 + s1), a square minus a square (s2 – s3), a prime plus a prime (p2 + p3), and a square plus a square (s4 + s5) (all positive integers greater than one, with some repeats). And none of that makes me feel any better about it.

  5. um, actually it was 44 on each “side”. Already done. check.
    and Mrs. Z, you might want to change your phrasing to encourage my generosity. Accordiing to your plan, it would be in my interest to NOT provide more presents. But alas, I will.

    If (a) tokenfella and (b) jodi were (c) lying in her birthdaybed ‘canoodling,’ one would expect the sum of a + b + c to equal pp.
    Now obviously if token is so taken with his integerial endeavours that he can’t get up his equation whilst ‘canoodling,’ his pp won’t be getting any attention either.
    So it is my suggestion that instead of worrying about primes and squares, the geeksquad put away their sliderules, skip the p1’s, p2’s and p3’s and gets back to the business at hand (so to speak.) The pp’s.
    After all, it is jodi’s birthday and I know she’s hoping that token’s package is more than a math quiz.

  7. Hmmm. No one bothered to do MY Birthday math. And just because I don’t have a hunky bedfellow (Kitten Children are DEFINITELY not hunky – sometimes sweet and cuddly, sometimes they BITE) to guest blog that doesn’t mean that the birthday girl shouldn’t ALWAYS be obeyed!

    Well, Ms. Jodi The Almost New Yorker Cartoonist, I don’t know if I’ll get to overly-flashy greetings for you on my blog as I did last year, but I do not love you any less. Happiest of natal days (or daze?) to you!

  8. ok, fair enough on the 1 as prime and square. In fact, if you include 1 both sets, then you could be 5, 20 ,40, 45, or 80. If you don’t include 1, then 5 isn’t possible. Note that I’m actually not that good at puzzles, but I know how to program a computer, and I’m easily distracted on Fridays. (also note that several of the equations have multiple solutions. If you are 40, I’ll bet you weren’t thinking if 121-81!)
    and ds, don’t you go worrying your pretty little head over our pp. Tonight we will be doing plenty of
    Division, like j/d (you know, how many times does d go into j),
    Fractions d/j, j/d (d over j and j over d)
    Logarithms (that one just sounds dirty)
    Surface Integrals (I’ll let your minds run wild with that one.)
    p1(1) + s1(4) = age(5)
    s2(9) – s3(4) = age(5)
    p2(2) + p3(3) = age(5)
    s4(1) + s5(4) = age(5)
    5 works!
    p1(11) + s1(9) = age(20)
    p1(19) + s1(1) = age(20)
    s2(36) – s3(16) = age(20)
    p2(1) + p3(19) = age(20)
    p2(3) + p3(17) = age(20)
    p2(7) + p3(13) = age(20)
    s4(4) + s5(16) = age(20)
    20 works!
    p1(31) + s1(9) = age(40)
    s2(49) – s3(9) = age(40)
    s2(121) – s3(81) = age(40)
    p2(3) + p3(37) = age(40)
    p2(11) + p3(29) = age(40)
    p2(17) + p3(23) = age(40)
    s4(4) + s5(36) = age(40)
    40 works!
    p1(29) + s1(16) = age(45)
    p1(41) + s1(4) = age(45)
    s2(49) – s3(4) = age(45)
    s2(81) – s3(36) = age(45)
    p2(2) + p3(43) = age(45)
    s4(9) + s5(36) = age(45)
    45 works!
    p1(31) + s1(49) = age(80)
    p1(71) + s1(9) = age(80)
    p1(79) + s1(1) = age(80)
    s2(81) – s3(1) = age(80)
    s2(144) – s3(64) = age(80)
    p2(1) + p3(79) = age(80)
    p2(7) + p3(73) = age(80)
    p2(13) + p3(67) = age(80)
    p2(19) + p3(61) = age(80)
    p2(37) + p3(43) = age(80)
    s4(16) + s5(64) = age(80)
    80 works!

  9. Hm… the mind boggles… not to be confused with Boggle! in which the mind lines up random letters in odd ways to form words that no one every uses but which seem to be a part of our lexicon regardless. But I digree, per usual….
    What I REALLY want to know is…
    In ‘(j + j/ds) + d = xxx’, if jodi and jamie are on top of me, is it token left on the outside holding the videocamera?

  10. ds, I assume you meant
    ((j+j)/ds) + d = xxx
    Otherwise you just have jamied on top of you, which of course would be enough for most men, but it sounds as if you had something more exotic in mind.
    And I don’t have a video camera, but I would buy one in a heartbeat.
    I would also think that your fraction would be better if the reciprocal were used so you could get that “goezinto” effect working for you. Just a suggestion.

  11. Token –
    Now I have a 1/10th understanding of why our jodes is so smitten – your unwavering desire to make others as happy as they can be, on top, on the bottom, or split between extremes.
    The other 9/10’s I wouldn’t even want to speculum about.


    I’d settle for a “can” – WAIT – I mean a noodle.

    Ahem. Pardon. And I hope that the last hour (EST) of your birthday, Jo-delight, is a pure orgamsmic delight.


  13. Um, Jodi? No. It’s not just you. It is DEFINITELY getting HOTTT in here.
    I’m seeing Math in a whole new light!

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