How Lawful!

Today while gleefully multi-tasking, I heard a report on the news about two men who, upon finding their friend dead in his apartment, decided to take advantage of his unfortunate condition. They settled him in a wheelchair, pushed him down Ninth Avenue to a bank (or something like that — as I said, I was multi-tasking and apparently the other task I was multi-ing was a priority and thus I did not pay attention to all the details) and used his identification to procure funds in his name. The news anchor said (paraphrased), “In New York City, it is not illegal to wheel a dead body down the street, provided you have not murdered the person.”
Usually when you hear these sorts of wacky laws, you think of the outdated stuff you may have amused yourself with on the internet, such as those found here and here. I learned on the first site that in Wisconsin, “It is illegal for a restaurant to serve apple pie without cheese.” Although I did not witness anyone committing this crime while there over “the holidays”, I did fear I was about to risk incarceration when I ordered a grilled vegetable salad without the feta. Apparently, though, this is not a feta-ral crime, so I was let off with a stern expression (facial only) of disappointment from the waiter and was still permitted to roam free throughout the state for the duration of my stay.
Anyway, because I do not have sufficient time today to amuse you, please check out those time-sucking links I provided, and feel free to comment about anything you find that tickles your fancy or, in the alternative, fancies your tickle. Here there is no law against either.
CORRECTION, 11 January 2008, 4:58 p.m.:   It was an office chair, not a wheelchair. And a check-cashing place, not a bank. But hey, the effect is still pretty much the same, right? (Right.)