South of Nantucket

There was a gaunt boy from Manhattan
Who lived on pickles so he wouldn’t fatten
One night Mom growled, “Stay in your place!”
And forced butter deep in his face
Until he burst out of the pants that he shat in

0 thoughts on “South of Nantucket

  1. And I believe the location of the inspiration for this post was at the entrance to the Lincoln tunnel. A place I often consider when contemplating the tastiest beverages in NYC.

  2. Very punny!
    But the water smelled like rotten eggs and tasted like sulphur.
    (I know what sulpher tastes like because someone once dared me to lick the edge of a pool in yellowstone national geyser park. And you know how I like a good dare… My tongue still tingles from the scarring.)

  3. Hey whos to say if I can take it nowheres or not, they aint the boss of me!
    Just the other day my doctor said I was impotent, so I bought a big car and a fancy suit cause if I gona be impotent, I better looks impotent.
    (Seriously, exactly how successful would a bottled water be if it had a smiley face on it and a slogan “Now 100% potable!”)

  4. Thomas, Token Fella actually told me that “impotent” joke (or whatever it’s called!) a while ago, and I stared at him with a blank face enhanced only by an eyebrow raise. So he doesn’t think that response was particular to his case, please know that I’m sitting here responding the same way to your comment.

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