The return of …

… full-color fabulous food fotos!
And here’s the savory, salivation-worthy sensation to kick off the new year:

Eggplant Double Delight
Veggie Heaven – Teaneck, New Jersey
I would have been alarmed by what appears to be
veins and blood in the eggplant, if only this dish
wasn’t served in a vegan restaurant.

I have no excuse for not regularly posting food photos for what seems like centuries. Although I added several luscious samples to the Jodeats gallery (see sidebar) last year, I don’t think I featured any on the main page. This is not a new year’s resolution, per se (hello, I’m pretentious!), but I do plan to be more diligent in sharing my food in 2008. Only photographically, though. In real life I will impale you on a splintery chopstick if you try to take something off my plate without submitting a three-part requisition form at least a week in advance. (Keep the yellow page for your records.)