The return of …

… full-color fabulous food fotos!
And here’s the savory, salivation-worthy sensation to kick off the new year:

Eggplant Double Delight
Veggie Heaven – Teaneck, New Jersey
I would have been alarmed by what appears to be
veins and blood in the eggplant, if only this dish
wasn’t served in a vegan restaurant.

I have no excuse for not regularly posting food photos for what seems like centuries. Although I added several luscious samples to the Jodeats gallery (see sidebar) last year, I don’t think I featured any on the main page. This is not a new year’s resolution, per se (hello, I’m pretentious!), but I do plan to be more diligent in sharing my food in 2008. Only photographically, though. In real life I will impale you on a splintery chopstick if you try to take something off my plate without submitting a three-part requisition form at least a week in advance. (Keep the yellow page for your records.)

0 thoughts on “The return of …

  1. Jodi, just follow the infinite wisdom of our new favorite “flame” đŸ˜‰ Criss Croker, and tell those bitches, “I’m gonna sick my Myspace friends on ya’ll. I’m. Gonna. Sick. MY. Myspace friends on ya’ll.”
    …and then conk them.

  2. “I laughed so hard I spit milk out of my nose.” – Ds, The New York Times
    “I stroked so hard I spit a milky white substance onto my fingers.” – Thomas, Penthouse Forum
    Jodi, you are truly my heroine.
    And happy birthday you.. you… oh crap. Now I’m all verklempt. Snif.

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