Well-bread, read

Because you’re too shy to ask me to read you a bedtime story, I am, in a rare maternal moment, offering to do so myself. Please enjoy the melodic, soothing tones of my voice as I intone my own poetic masterpiece, “Well-bread”.
Click here, for instant enchantment.
To enhance your lip-synching experience, here is the text, so you don’t have to run for a pen and start scribbling feverishly.
Good night, sleep tight, and don’t think for a minute that the bedbugs really need your permission to bite.

0 thoughts on “Well-bread, read

  1. Beware of grout and mildewy build-up. Clean with a warm, soft, wet washcloth and non-abrasive cleanser, preferably applied by a svelt swedish hottie named Sonya.
    And Miss Manners says, when wearing porcelain pants, remember not to clink when you walk. It’s considered poor form.

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