Wings of Desire

wingsofdesire1.jpg wingsofdesire2.jpg
Found at a Home Goods store somewhere in suburban Philadelphia
(I only tell you this so you don’t think I actually own this crap.)

In the interest of upholding my hard-won reputation as a lady of understated elegance (or is that elegant understatement?), I will refrain from making salicious comments about the less than lady-like manners of these two cheeky cherubs. I know how I take it. How do you?

0 thoughts on “Wings of Desire

  1. I wonder if The Lady of the Guadalupe is jealous that Duran Duran made a song about Rio instead of her?
    Which brings my never ending spinning imagination to my next question. I wonder if the members of Duran Duran will rest not so in peace with The Lady of the Guadalupe staring them in the face for the rest of eternity?

  2. Then Duran duran member can brag in Heaven that they have laid with Our Lady of the Guadalupe…stirring up jealousy in dead celebates thinking they meant “in the biblical sense.”

  3. I meant to write, “Then the Duran Duran members can brag in Heaven that they GOT laid by Our Lady of the Guadalupe…”

  4. I hate to interrupt jamied’s conversation with herself… đŸ˜‰
    But I can’t help wondering what Jodi was doing when she discovered that Costco sells caskets. She claims to abhor Costco, but maybe she is actually a member, and the reason she never wants to go with me is because she has already gotten her shipment of 120 count mini-muffins, and 46 oz. bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos in the mail. I don’t think she is in it for the fashionable jean selection, but be sure to ask her about her particularly comfortable puppy attire.
    Should I be worried that she is shopping for caskets?

  5. Do they have any with latches? “Please pardon my penis’ post-mortem priaprism problematically popping up that particular portal in my prone position.”

  6. Mrs. Z, I think of my penis at all times, but this example is strokingly obvious. Costco Casket = discount box. Discount box = Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan = Burning sensation in my penis requiring medication.
    Also Discount Casket = people who need to bury someone yet have little cash. People who need to bury someone yet have little cash = People in 3rd world countries. People in third world countries = Rio. Rio = Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand. Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand = my penis.
    I’m glad to provide my penis’ service.

  7. Thomas, that has to be one of the funniest things I’ve read in some time.
    I’d bow to you, but I’m afraid where you’d bury your penis…

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