Wishing Unwell

I don’t wish quadriplegia on him. Just paraplegia. I want his hands to still be available to try, in tear-jerking vain, to jerk off the now powerless tool between his motionless legs. He deserves to know what it feels like to be forced into limitation, to be deprived of the options he thinks are his privilege, his birthright.
When he’s settled into paraplegia, I wish upon him a stroke that renders him incapable of speech. I’ll then stand before him, calmly stirring a cup of coffee, and say, “Hey, complete asshole. What’s it feel like to be half a man?”

I wrote this a couple of years ago about someone I cannot even identify now. I tell you this so you don’t think I’m directing this at anyone currently in my life. I am fairly confident that my inability to identify the subject cretin would shatter him only slightly less than the condition I wished upon him here. Carry on!

0 thoughts on “Wishing Unwell

  1. He was TAKEN back in September of Oh Six, and you’re just telling me NOW?!?! Jesus Ayche Kryste on a Cracka’, I may be a sexual dynamo, a freakishly endowed superhero able to move your world while saving it, but given the amount of time this case has been sitting cold, even I may not be able to ascertain which canine cutie has the highest imbuement of superior quality in a young male. Thus the question remains: Who’s a good boy? Is it YOU, Riley? Is Riley a GOOD BOY! Oh yes he is! OH YES: HE IS!!!

  2. Laura, I knew this other girl who came for the dogs, but recently she’s been sated by decent looking guys*, too.
    (*Before anyone claims I’ve gone “soft”, I have to say one guy, Bernard, is a real Saint. He’s a German, who works as a Shepherd. I asked how her date with that Dane last night went, and she said “Great.” See, I’m still ruff.)

  3. “I may be a sexual dynamo, a freakishly endowed superhero able to move your world while saving it…”
    Ummm…Hi Thomas. 🙂
    *big goofy grin with twirling my fingers in one of my pig tails*

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