360 Degrees of Suppuration

Okay, listen. This is something — a peeve, if you will (or even if you won’t) — I’ve been sitting on way too long, like some sort of obsessive hen intent on warming her eggs till what hatches isn’t a wet grayish chick that quickly morphs into a fluffy yellow one but, instead, a fresh ‘n’ fluffy Western omelet. The time has come for me to just let it out into the world, so I can finally free myself of its unmanageable, unwieldy burden and get on with my life. By releasing this one item into the wild, which may or may not include the blue (or periwinkle?) yonder, I am thus making the space it occupied available for another peeve, this one perhaps even bigger and better and petter.
So what is it, you ask? What is this mysterious irk that gnaws on my tolerance like a particularly persistent and ravenous termite? That makes me want to poke several holes into an offender’s flesh like those poked into a baked potato pre-baking?
This: “She’s nothing like what she used to be. She stopped eating scrambled Fluff for breakfast, knocked it off with the incessant scrapbooking, and took up archery! She lost 45 pounds, got herself a boyfriend, and won a tournament! She’s the complete opposite! She did a 360!
Please note that I emphasized the peeve part of the example, just so you will not think I have a problem with archery.
See, if you “do a 360”, that indicates that you have come full circle. You are back at what is commonly known as Square One. If you have experienced change that makes you the complete opposite of what you were before, you “do a 180”. Otherwise, sticking with “360”, you are just telling the world, with gleeful self congratulations, that you are right back where you started: fat, unpopular, and without a trophy for your mantle.

What does this have to do with “suppuration”? Absolutely nothing. I wanted a “play” on the good ol’ “six degrees” thing, but, failing to come up with one raucously hilarious enough, decided to just make you run for your dictionary instead. Sexy word, isn’t it?