Bleep Year

You do realize, don’t you, that today is pretty much a free day to do all sorts of horrifying, loathesome, and thoroughly inexcusable things that, one year from now, will have no actual anniversary date and thus not truly be “of record”? And that by 2012, anyone holding a grudge over the hideous violations and indiscretions and pecadilloes and wanting to memorialize them by regurgitating their details on the anniversary day, will just come off as bitter? You do recognize this, yes?
Feel free to confess your intentions here, but please be advised that in doing so, you will be making it a lot easier for those offended to find documented evidence to use against you in 2012. (Because, yes, “BISS” will be here forever.)
So, go on. Get outta here. And start taking advantage of this opportunity now. If you’re in my time zone, that means you have only eight and a half hours to devise, enact, and revel in your chosen offense.

Didn’t she give us the same advice last leap year? Why, yes. Yes, she did. But it was so long ago that she thought you had forgotten. See? See how that works?

Be sure, too, to cuddle up to Big Babies, another nod to leap year.