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  1. OMG!!! What character in her widdle face! I’m in love with the second shot of her. She looks as if she knows something…like she has knowledge. Just look at her! She’s posing just for YOU, Jodi!
    BTW, isn’t it funny that her name is Dixie and she’s from New York? Maybe she’s origionally from the Land of Cotton and her Southern Bell charm is what is oozing from her. She’s a charming little sex kitten, that one. Away, away, away down South in Dixie!

  2. Fight the power Jodi!
    There was a rumor a few years ago about someone taking a pic of their friends at a Starbucks and being chased out by the manager. Really, if businesses are so afraid that someone will steal a decor or public display idea, they shouldn’t let the public see it! A corporate spy will get the pic without taking it out in the open. To chastise customers – that’s just bad business.
    Now, instead of seeing the pics and thinking “I need to go to Whole Foods” like I would have, the clerk’s abhorrent behavior makes me never want to go there.

  3. My sister’s Boston Terrier is also named Dixie but sis changed the spelling to “Dixi” so she’d be more PC.
    That Swiss chard looks delectable, but I’m not sure it would taste very good. Is it like rhubarb, or what?
    Your prohibited photos were worth stealing.

  4. “Of course, I wanted to shout, in a fit of lack of originality, ‘You know what? This place should be known as Ass(w)hole Foods! Bleeeeeeeee!'”
    And now, thanks to the wonder of the Internet, it shall no longer be known as Whole Paycheck, but rather as it must be: Ass(w)hole Foods. Feel that power you have, my dear? Oh yeah, I bet you do.
    The chard, being Swiss, I’m sure remained neutral on the subject.

  5. Dixie is a charming little sex kitten? Damn, they got butt-ugly cats south of the Mason Dixon…
    And I have nothing to say about the bared vegetation, flambouyantly flaunted with so little regard to the artist’s intent. For a display such as that required the hand of a Master Designer, and to steal his/her work without a mere mention of the name, well, for shame on you, dearest Jodi. For shame indeed.
    And to the auteur of vegetablia – Arugula! Arugala! You are an artiste without compare!

  6. You will march back into that Whole Foods dressed as Norma Rae and proudly hold high your cardboard sign that says, “UNION.”

  7. LOL! I just took a photo at my local Whole Foods Market too!
    They don’t want you taking photos because they think you are from a competitor and think you are taking away some of their trade secrets! lol
    WFM has the best presentation of most in North America, but I think the rest of the world has North America beat.
    If you’re going to take photos in any chain retailer, do it quickly and covertly! ;^p
    Here’s my blog post on it:

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