You may not be aware of this, given all the other brouhaha going on these days, including, but not limited to, ex-Governor S-putz-er’s wandering for lust, American Idol, and preparing for your annual Ides of March shindig, but today is “Pi Day”, celebrated at the stroke of 1:59.
Thankfully my geek of a boyfriend alerted me to this event a few days ago, because I would hate to think I could be missing out on the fun. Because you know me, I’m a fun-monger of the highest order.
So if you can manage, get down to Caravan of Dreams and shove this in your pi-hole a minute before the clock strikes 2:00:

I had this on 10 June 2007.
But maybe they have a fresh slice for you today. Just ask nicely.

If you can’t, and something suitable is not within your grasp at the appointed moment of celebration, please feel free to just gaze adoringly at the two-dimensional representation I share above.