I wonder what the housekeepers think when they encounter the DO NOT DISTURB signs. Do they merely think the occupant is sleeping or showering? Or that the person is doing a particularly difficult crossword puzzle and cannot be interrupted? Or meditating between the credenza and an open suitcase?
Or, do they think, as I do, that behind the door lies a fleshy Midwestern tourist, naked, hog-tied (probably expertly), waiting, as instructed by her flubby husband, to return with a cup of coffee for himself and nothing for her, before administering the morning beating before heading out to see the sights?

0 thoughts on “Disturbing

  1. I think the only logical thing to do would be to hijack his truck and stop all of the other deliveries to innocent people who desperately NEED their Vicodin from Canada…then have a ball on their meds.

  2. …silly me, I forgot the most OBVIOUS solution to your stress…the FIRST and FOREMOST thing to do to make yourself feel better…you know where I’m going with this. (wink)
    The delivery man probably has all kinds of goodies and supplies in those magical boxes in his truck.

  3. …and juuuust in case you DIDN’T know where I was going with it, I was thinking serenity would come back to you if you make him dress up as Dita Von Teese. That always seems to make me feel better anyway.

  4. Do you suppose if I got that guy a heart he’d let me in on how LOST ends?
    Hey, I work in a hospital. It could happen.

  5. Those FedEx clowns always have some kind of loophole.
    You should be allowed to board their truck and select one package for every extra hour you had to wait.
    And send me the Canuck Vicodin. My foot hurts.

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