Finger Flyers

(left to right), Dog, Mom, Dad, Sis, Little Billy
Guess where the Finger family is now! C’mon, you can finger it out!
Clicking on the above family photo will yield a rather enormous image, in which you can see my fingerprints in scary detail, the better to identify me in the event I commit a crime.

0 thoughts on “Finger Flyers

  1. ROFL! JODI! You are soooo EVIL!
    Should I share how evil my husband and I can get with punishments?
    (Yes! You should!)
    My daughters lost the privledge to go to the fair. Brian and I had my grouchy, evil muuuuther babysit while Brian and I went to the fair without them. We took TONS of pictures of our great time, riding rides, winning toys for each other, and eating cotton candy together. The punishment was complete when we uploaded the pics that night onto our home automation for the TV screen saver.

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