Beyond art-less

If you do one thing today, go here and here and sign. I beg of you.
CAUTION:  Even if you are like me and cannot stomach the thought of vile acts like this existing in the world, please please please check out the petitions anyway and sign.

0 thoughts on “Beyond art-less

  1. Abe Lincoln would roll over in his grave, unlike Grant, who isn’t actually in his, if he saw the depths to which people will stoop for his lowly penny.
    It isn’t even copper anymore, as it was when he was stove-hatted and wandering the lawns outside the newly-finished White House. No, it’s zinc, which makes a dull, listless sound when you jangle it around in your front pocket as you search for something with a little more…. substance.
    No, Lincoln would not like this at all, I feel. But that’s just MY two zincs.

  2. Whenever I see a penny, I pick it up. Oh, people may laugh at me, but those pennies are money, I tell you, and if I picked up a penny a day, by the end of the year I’d have–
    Oh, never mind.

  3. I agree with everything you say, a penny is money!
    Oh, and Jodi, 1980 called, they want their math back. Chisanbop? Really?

  4. I picked up a penny yesterday and then wished upon it before tossing it into the fountain that was handily nearby. I should have kept it. Oy, careful what you wish for, right?
    As for the green flower purchase: good onya!

  5. Next time, I suggest you pay the flower lady 599 pennies, and wait while she counts them out. If she bitches, remind her of how she loves pennies so much she’s always keeping your extra one.
    As for the manicurist rounding up, just tell the bitch to “keep the change.” That can be her tip.

  6. Perfection. Why does it feel like such a dismissal when they turn their back, as if they are assessing you and determining “she can afford it” and it would be CHEAP of you to expect your penny!

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