Fiction or Non-Fiction?

She flops the item on the counter and says, “I’d like to return this. When I got home I realized I didn’t need two of them, so I’m bringing one back.”
The cashier rings it up and hands her the receipt. She turns to leave, head bent over it, and quickly turns back, holding up an index finger.
“Whoa. Wait. You only gave me back half what I paid.”
“It was a buy one/get one deal,” the cashier says. “What’s the problem?”
“I’m returning the one that was full-price,” the customer says. “I still have the free one at home.”

0 thoughts on “Fiction or Non-Fiction?

  1. omg…Jodes,
    During the three years I’ve known you, (That’s Latin for “I’m her favorite”…don’t hate.) I think THIS is my all time FAVORITE!!!
    I. am. DYING!!!
    Thanks for starting my week like this.
    *muah!*…and as ALWAYS, with a little tongue.

  2. No wonder my face isn’t what it used to be! All you New Yorkers walking all over it! And that really explains poor Priscilla Presley….

  3. I’m sorry, but all I can see here is Jodi mindlessly prancing along, staring at her newly buffed, polished and immaculately manicured toenails protruding from a strikingly fine pair of strappy Manolo Blahniks when suddenly a stilettoed heel pokes out the eye of said Mother Concretion.
    So why, oh why, do you ask is said cement cyclops featured with sneering grin?
    Because mere milliseconds before heel met eye, it caught a rare glimpse of the sunshine being blown up someone’s skirt.

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