Mother, may I step on your face?

Be careful the next time you’re walking around Soho. You know that old “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back” warning? Well, somewhere in Soho, if you step on these cracks, you’ll step on and thus break your mother’s face.

Or, if not your own mom’s, then someone else’s. But either way, it’s never really nice to step on anyone’s mom’s face. Except if your mom is Jocelyn Wildenstein. Because then, it could only be seen as an improvement.
So, when I first avoided trampling on someone’s mom’s face this afternoon, I only saw one version of it. Later, when focusing on it as I would a Magic Eye masterpiece, another one appeared. I intend to gaze at it all night, until I find a dozen more mothers’ faces or my own mother’s face — whichever comes first.
Rest assured, all you mothers out there, that your face is safe with (or from) me. This is my early Mother’s Day gift to you.

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