You do the work

Okay, so this annoys me. It doesn’t anger me or distress me or make me want to poke its eyes out (too much), but yes, it does annoy me. But because my schedule this week dictates that today is my only non-work day (back to the grind tomorrow) (but not the bump) (because as much as I know you like to fantasize that I am a stripper, it just is not so), I do not want to have to “do the work” by telling you why that is so. So, that’s where you come in. You tell me why you think this annoys me. And then, sometime next week, when I’m not busy bumping and/or grinding, I will tell you why. If your answer is correct, you win the coveted prize of my undying admiration for the day.

Hey, didn’t she say she was almost, like, jailed for taking photos in Whole Foods earlier this year? Yes. Yes, she did. But you see, these are the lengths to which I will go to satisfy your need for fresh content.

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  1. I trust that the only resemblence to a worm is the fact that it rhymes with “sperm”, which is, of course, ironic.

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