Gnocchi on Heaven’s Door

Because I used up all the pep in my step earlier today and am now in the throes of an adorable cold that has me sniffling real sexy-like and feeling like an enormous wad of The New York Post is crammed into my cranium, the best I can offer you right now is a figurative taste of part of what I had for dinner tonight at the fabulous Blossom Cafe (or Cafe Blossom? Who knows. It appears both ways on the restaurant’s own websites). Of all the dishes we had, including an appetizer, two entrees, a cookie, and a chocolate-fudgy-fruity “terrine” (in quotation marks because, like “L.A.”, I just can’t bring myself to say it comfortably and/or without wanting to punch myself in the larynx while rolling my eyes), the sweet potato gnocchi pictured here is the only one whose photographic representation actually resembles what the actual dish looked like in the non-flesh. But even then, this does it no justice. Trust me when I say that in real life, you would exclaim, much like I did to our adorable waiter-boy, “Oh, my god, I just want to swim in it!” If you click on the image to enlarge it, you may see what I mean. I also said, of the sauce, that I wanted to “slather it all over someone’s body and lick it off.” And here is where I pretend to turn as red as the beets used to make the drizzly part of the sauce.

0 thoughts on “Gnocchi on Heaven’s Door

  1. Jodi, I have to disagree with your preference for the highly derivative Mr. Pickle.
    While the venerable elder statesman Mr. Peanut elevated the status of peanuts everywhere with his debonair charm, Mr. Pickle is a pale imitation.
    First, if you or any of us were served a teal colored pickle, we’d avoid eating it for fear of contracting botulism or e coli.
    Second, Mr. Pickle’s pinky is hardly what I’d call a “fey pinkie extension.” More like spastic finger disarray if you ask me.
    Third, the unfortunate black shadowing at the bottom of Mr. Pickle looks like mold. Do you want to eat a teal colored pickle with a moldy bottom? I think not.
    And finally, if Mr. Pickle needs a walking cane, perhaps the license plate he has attached to his right thigh should be designated for handicapped drivers.
    All in all, I think Mr. Pickle is the antithesis of good pickle promotion. I plan to boycott pickle consumption for the rest of the week thanks to his unappetizing visage.

  2. Personally, I’ve always found Mr. Peanut to be disingenuous, probably because peanuts are not yellow, but brown. It’s like he’s wearing a facade.
    What kind of pickle do you prefer, whole, spear, or sandwich?

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