Golden Slumbers!

I’m all a-twitter. My hagworthiest friend and I have been temporarily abandoned by our fellas, in favor of London and Las Vegas, respectively, so we’re taking advantage of the situation (and each other?) tonight by having a slumber party a deux, chock-a-block with flirty pajamas, a wide variety of sassy snacks that will try their jealous damnedest to wreak havoc on our girlish figures and flawless complexions, bawdy banter that would make lesser sluts blush, and, of course, a host of Golden Girls DVDs.
It is said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so in honor of my boyfriend, who I am sure is even more jealous of my and Matt’s night together than the snacks are of my and Matt’s taut torsos, all I’m going to say is that what happens in Astoria stays in Astoria.
I cannot wait for tonight’s episode of Will & Disgrace to begin.

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