In the hole

I apologize for the hole I left in your heart yesterday, when you repeatedly came to my “house” (that’s what I’m calling this site now) and found no one home, and thus found yourself in a fetal position under a table at your local Starbucks, your laptop cradled against your chest, your thumb in your mouth or otherwise situated (I’m too much of a lady to indicate an alternative location), red-faced and wailing.
I meant to get online, but LIFE GOT IN THE WAY (that’s what I’m calling it now on the very rare occasion when I fail to do something that I meant to do), and I found myself on a plane to a faraway land for a weekend of wedding-related events (not my wedding, so don’t get all “what? who? huh?” on me) and also indulging in delicious Indian food by day and Moroccan food by night and didn’t allocate time to keeping you amused. And for that I apologize profusely, from the bottom of the heart I’m sure you don’t think I have.
So, today, I give you a photograph that may give you a clue as to where I am. Here:

Please tell me where you think I am. But try your hardest to resist the urge to take a frenzied Google journey to assist you. Donut (oh, LOL!) ruin the fun for everyone else.
I’ll be home — real home, as in back in the heehaw saddle and/or heaving bosom of Manhattan — tomorrow.

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  1. I can get oral sex in a store?
    Holy crap! And all this time I’ve been paying for it with vagrants underneath the 9th street viaduct!

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