My gift to you

You know I live to divert you. I like to take you away from whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing and guide you toward something a lot less productive but a whole lot more titillating, and the fewer synapses that have to fire in order to enjoy the diversion, the better. Because, really, who are we kidding? None of us has any intention of using even half of the 10% of our brain capacity that we were led to believe we used — and even that paltry percentage, science tells us, is used mostly for watching porn and deciding what sort of chips to snack on while doing so.
The weekend is upon us, though, so you really don’t need diversion if your work week is limited to the Monday-through-Friday chain. However, now is the time that I can provide the sort of diversion that may not necessarily be “safe for work”. And that is why I give you this.

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