Charmed, I’m sure

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Thanks to longtime faithful reader/rabid commenter Ds’ comments this morning to yesterday’s entry, I am compelled to “share” this evening’s dinner here for all the world to see.
The kee maow (with tofu) at Charm is a surefire crowd-pleaser. Thankfully I only had to split this with one person tonight, though. I would have felt “gypped” had there not been two other dishes — mee grob and red garlic tofu — in attendance. I took two photos of each dish, but none of the shots came out well enough to show you. The mee grob blinked (ON PURPOSE), and the red garlic tofu just looked fat no matter how hard it sucked in its cheeks or how many different ways it looked into the camera or how many different dresses it tried on. I didn’t have time for their childish and neurotic shenanigans.
I also don’t have time to amuse you beyond this point, given that I am tired before midnight, a rarity, and should really take advantage of this opportunity to get more than four hours of sleep if I am to amuse (or charm!) (oh, enormous LOL! I still got it! [a la Ralph Malph!]) you at all tomorrow. Right? (Right.)

0 thoughts on “Charmed, I’m sure

  1. You might love Hazel, but it is clear Hazel does not like having her photograph taken. That animal scares me.

  2. Actually, Mrs. Z, I hate to break it to you, but you are wrong. Not only did Hazel like it, but she’s been photographed many times and is “famous” for it around the city. She was/is one of the sweetest and gentlest dogs I’ve met in all my years of dogged pursuit.

  3. Umm… the studded gardening gloves gave me a little pause (let’s avoid the pun, shall we?)but if you vouch for this creature’s congeniality, well okie dokie, then.

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