Karen Shaw and her Envirobuggy

I am exhausted and worn out and not my usual fabulous boa-feathered and lucite-heel-muled self today, so rather than even try to rouse myself up to the level of pep required to entertain you even marginally, I’ll just send you over to my friend Karen Shaw’s space on the internet (a/k/a/ “blog”, a word that still makes me cringe so hard that it feels like I’m wringing bile from my liver), where she outlines a really nifty project she’s undertaking with her toddler son. By the end of her trip, she will have earned the right to be exhausted. Unlike yours truly (ugggh), who’s probably just worn out from being away in a mysteryland for a weekend with not a lick of decent Thai food.
So … skedaddle. Go over there, and check out Karen’s trek. Tomorrow I trust I’ll be back to being full of vim, vigor, and vinniebarbarino.