Odd Couple

I’m not home this weekend, but they have dogs where I am!
Today I met Oggy and Greta and at least ten other dogs at a farmer’s market in the mysteryland where a flying machine transported me this weekend. I won’t tell you who is who, but each is probably who you think he/she is.

0 thoughts on “Odd Couple

  1. You are my sunshine,
    my only sunshine,
    you make me happy
    despite your bile.
    You’ll never know dear
    how much I love you.
    You just speak
    and you make us
    all smile.

  2. That kind of stuff doesn’t happen on Sunnybrook Farm, where I live. We just sit around with our sunglassed babies on our laps wondering what karma has in store for those loudmouth nature-destroying New York kids.

  3. I’ve often pondered the destructive nature of children of a certain age.
    On those times when it caused me distress, I think consuming a gooey cookie the size of my head would have given me great solace.
    You could die tomorrow, honey, go eat three of them.

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