Say Uncle

Carrie is repulsed when Brandon tells her he wants her to meet his Uncle Wiggly. But he’s already dimmed the lights, put on sexy music, and is bringing in a bottle of sparkling wine, so she doesn’t think it’s appropriate if she tells him she’s not ready to “meet Uncle Wiggly”. Even though this is their fourth date and technically she’s pushing it as far as playing coy goes.
“OK, bring him out,” she says. “Let’s get this over with.”
Brandon opens the front door and in wiggles his uncle, trembling with Parkinson’s.
“Carrie, pull down your dress!” Brandon hisses.

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  1. This is driving me nuts! I’ve been looking at this picture for three days, trying to figure out what’s different about a building I’ve never actually seen in person in a city I’ve never been to!
    Here is what I see in the picture:
    – The dude at one o’clock is about to be rewarded by that big bus for his jaywalking.
    – The first three levels of the Flatiron Building are obviously new and poorly matched to the rest of the building, which would likely make any architecture tourist or buff cringe. I mean, really, it looks as if the contractors got all their supplies from the Restoration Hardware just adjacent.
    – Is there some kind of bird on the spire of the building across the street to the right?
    Gah, I don’t know.

  2. I have no idea. What I do know is that TURNS are highly discouraged at that particular intersection and I, for one, would not be inclined to ignore the mandate. I’ve heard New York jails are akin to Mexico’s. You go in, you never come out!

  3. More Flatiron “trivia.”
    Because of the wind tunnel by the building, men in the 1900’s were known to gather by the building in the hope of catching a glimpse of a lady’s ankle if her skirt blew up! It’s true. My grandpa told me.

  4. Oh Could it possibly be the young lady in the white polyester pants flipping you the bird as if SHE was the focal point of your snapshot?

  5. Having never graced your fair city,I would be hard pressed to answer.I think it might have something to do with Sprint taking over the world ……either that or the very strange lightsaberesque pole next to,but to the left of, the street light.

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