The Project

Charlie’s teacher wasn’t amused with Charlie’s diorama project. What was the big idea of a six-year-old handing in a crushed shoebox containing crumpled-up fast-food wrappers, crushed cigarette butts, unfurled (and unused? she hopes) condoms, blood-rusted razorblades, hypodermic needles, and three baby teeth? The assignment was to recreate your family’s living room. She gave him a big fat red “F”.
When Charlie went home that afternoon and his dad saw the grade scrawled on the shoebox lid, he smacked Charlie so hard across the jaw that a fourth tooth flew from the boy’s mouth and joined the others in the shoebox.

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  1. How does it work in NYC? There would have to be a hose connection close by to keep that forest watered properly. Or would you have to run up and down four flights of stairs six times with your little tin watering can?
    PS A note to Jodi’s regular readers: hold your comments about the above-mentioned “hose connection.”

  2. Psst! My father owned 401 W. 56 St. on the corner of 9th. Had it built, even, in 1964. He sold it about 20 or so years ago now.

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