My Pledge to You

On this, the first day after Independence Day, proclaim your freedom from self improvement, either self righteous in its implementation or ostensibly self empowering.
In these days of self-improvement and the pursuit of unmitigated happiness the likes of which has never before been realized in any era in any time zone on any planet in any universe, galaxy, and whatever else is bigger and better and beyonder than any of that, in this age of ridding oneself of “sweating the small stuff” and making “bucket lists” and frenzied journaling about our quest to become more fulfilled, less petty, and to shed years of baggage (emotional, physical, popsicle), I vow to you that I will do my absolute best to sweat smaller stuff than ever imagined, to say “fuck it” to the bucket list, and shun the journal. I pledge to continue providing a safe haven for bitching, moaning, complaining, wheedling, and being a big fat babybaby googoo gaga. My own and yours.
So … get to it!

0 thoughts on “My Pledge to You

  1. Your economy of words blows me away….a less skilled writer couldn’t get the same effect in three times as many words. 🙂

  2. Martine: Thank you! (I’d write more, but that wouldn’t be as economical!)
    Karen: What you don’t realize is that just outside the frame of that shot is the still-twitching body of a wise-ass lesbian disemboweled and pulp-brained by the sweet little girl’s warm, soft hand and the bubble-maker grasped in it. And because the bubbles are made of soap, she managed to clean herself up really well before I snapped her photo. She, just like I, may be small — but don’t fuck with us.

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