Sweet Home

You can have your “McMansions” (a word I like about as much as I do the houses), your MTV “cribs”, your cathedral-ceilinged, three- or four-car-garaged, intercommed, automatic supersonic turbo twin-jet, push-buttoned, fake-paned-windowed, plastic-doored, Pergo-floored, vibrating wall-to-wall-carpeted monstrosities. I’ll take this sweetness over that saccharine any day:

Little Cob Cabin

0 thoughts on “Sweet Home

  1. You are obsessed with those cookies!
    Two questions:
    Does that bakery know about all this free advertising? How are you not 565 pounds?

  2. Also not shown: The gooey chocolate chips getting all over our fingertips. hmmm, how to clean them off?

  3. It is perfection, but I would humbly offer that if the leaves in the park were red and orange and the temperature an exhilarating 62 degrees, and maybe you had on some type of beret or something (not pictured, of course) it would be EVEN more perfecter.

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