Not Away

A few days ago, I got all mysterioso on you, saying I would be somewhere else until further notice. However, in all the hubbub of leaving there and returning to my beloved homeland, I neglected to give you that notice, so you probably, until now, thought I was still on that island (Prince Edward) and not on this one (Manhattan). I am sorry if you waited up, only to have me crawl in through a basement window and creep along the walls until I made my way to my private chambers, where I slithered between sateen sheets and pretended to sleep as if I’d been there all night.
I am home, and have been since Wednesday night, so you can stop fretting that my saying “until further notice” was an indication that I was on a sabbatical from New York and all the thrills, chills, and spills it affords me on a daily basis. There is indeed no place like home, and Prince Edward Island was no exception. While there I was subjected to activities that I never would have chosen on my own, which is why I had a friend to choose them for me. How he is still afforded that title after taking me to a ceidleh (pronounced “KAY-lee”) and Avonlea Village (Tip: “It’s sort of like Colonial Williamsburg” is not a selling point) is anyone’s guess.
I picked up a charming souvenir while away: a sweet little cold and accompanying melodic cough. I am not exactly feeling up to par and/or snuff and am not in the mood to upload a bunch of photos to prove that I actually had a decent time even though I was 14,000 miles from anyone with a sense of style or who knew what a Jew was without having to consult three dusty reference books and an abacus.
When I am feeling somewhat less drecky, I will delight you with photographic evidence that I managed to have fun on Prince Edward Island despite having Anne of Green Gables shoved in my face more than any fictional character should ever be allowed. For now, I will just leave you with these guys, which were one of the highlights of my excursion and can shove their faces in mine any time they want:

Irish Wolfhounds and Bonus Rough Collie from tofuju on Vimeo.
The yapping is Papillon-generated. Here you can see them for a moment, adding staccato puncutation to the Wolfhound ringleader’s sonorous greeting:

Welcome to the Doghouse from tofuju on Vimeo.
Moments after shooting these cinematic masterpieces, I went on the other side of the fence, where I continued the swooning I’d commenced immediately upon seeing these guys. To say I was in heaven is a grand understatement. All this, just days after having been surrounded by four German Shepherds and later on that same day three of the sweetest geriatric dogs on all of PEI’s good green earth.
Oh, and the human companionship was all right, too, I suppose. (But who am I kidding? I was really there for the dogs.)