Tip for the Waitstaff

Although I appreciate your willingness to hover over my shoulder like a hummingbird jacked up up and away on a palmful of high grade amphetamines, I will not know, until I have tasted what you have just placed before me, whether or not I would like you to supplement it with freshly ground black pepper via the enormous mill aggressively pressed against your chest like a rifle. It is in exceedingly poor taste to chirp an affirmative without first sampling the food that someone with much more skill with a skillet than I can ever hope to achieve has prepared.

0 thoughts on “Tip for the Waitstaff

  1. So happy to hear you are better. I shall listen to the song as soon as I finish this sentence. ; )
    YOU ROCK!!!

  2. Zoster is an experience, Jodi! (Been there, done that!)
    I did it and I am confident that you can do it, too!
    Hang in there …

  3. RE: Georgy Girl. You are gaye, gaye, gaye and possibly even gay. (And now after listening to that song it is impossible to get the image out of my head of you prancing around in your pink fuzzy slippers with Shana in your apartment. Thanks alot.

  4. Love the song. Is the movie any good? The one time I saw it on TV, I had to turn it off before the opening song was even finished, just after Lynn Redgrave ran into the boutique to buy the wig!

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