As Political As It Gets

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Jodi, why hasn’t a savvy, good-lookin’ dame like you weighed in on the Sarah Palin ballyhoo? After all, you’re about the same age, you sometimes sport a similar updo, and you have been seen around town with a particular older gentleman on occasion! So, why haven’t you YouTube’d your way into an overnight internet sensation?”
Sorry to disappoint. But never fear, I can offer you these gems of topical interest, one of which mentions Ms. Palin. Just so you don’t think I’m not up on current events or that I’m not passing by Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop five mornings a week on my way home from the gym, where I exercise my right to bare arms … just another thing I have in common with Ms. Palin! (LOLz!)

eisenbergsign2.jpg eisenbergsign3.jpg
27 June and today

Wait. This isn’t the first time she’s delighted us with an Eisenberg’s sandwich board boasting razor-edge topical humor, is it? No. No, it is not.

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  1. The poll closes this Thursday. THE BIG REVEAL is on Friday! Set your VCR or TiVo or DVR or whatever the hell those recording devices are called these days.

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