Correction of Oversight and Bonus Falafel

In yesterday’s offering, “Saks A Hit”, I provided six photos of Saks’ window display and noted that clicking on them would yield large images in which you could read the plaques. It wasn’t until about ten minutes ago that I realized I had neglected to include scrollbars on those images, so in the event that you don’t have a 50-foot monitor, you could scroll around and read all of the important stuff you wanted/needed/desperately craved. Please note that I have now added the scrollbars, so you can now have a complete experience. I apologize if my oversight ruined the fun for you in any way.
As a token of my apology and my appreciation for your return visit, I am offering two photos of the falafel I had last Saturday at Maoz and one of the view from my window seat. One word of CAUTION (all caps, because it is very important): If you have your sound on, you will hear something that sounds like the falafel is being whipped. Do not be alarmed. I do not think Maoz mistreats its falafel. (If you know anything to the contrary, please inform me, and I will never return to Maoz. My first visit, documented here, will have been my last.)
Here is the falafel with its accompanying Belgian fries, served in a paper cone, my favorite way to receive them. I cannot tell you how happy it made me to see this. I grinned from ear to ear to ear, spontaneously sprouting a third ear to accommodate the breadth of the grin. (I do not have a photograph of that.)

Also pictured: Jacques Torres bag containing two kinds of almond
bark, chocolate-covered Cheerios, and chocolate-covered espresso
beans; Vegan rice pudding from Candle 79 (but bought at Maoz),
which my boyfriend said wasn’t that great but that it “grows on you”.
I did not want anything growing on me, so I declined his offer of a taste.
The chocolate, however, I did, you know, sample in the name of science.

Here is another shot, a bit more close up, in which you may bury your face in a salacious manner:

And here is a view from where I sat, in the window, so I could enjoy the Upper West Side parade, with one of my favorite buildings, the fantastically elaborate Dorilton, in the background:

I assure you the scrollbars have been enabled on these photos, so now I owe you nothing.